Iguazu means "great waters" in the local Guarani language, and of all Argentina’s many natural wonders, there is nothing quite so spectacular as seeing the torrents of water that rush over these ancient falls. Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, there are more than 275 waterfalls that cover an area just under two miles - together they form the largest waterfall system in the world. Carefully
constructed walkways take you right up to the largest thundering curtain of water - the vast Garganta del Diablo (the Devil’s throat). Stop and stare at the power of Mother Nature, as water rushes over the deep gashes in the land and falls into the white abyss, while a thin white mist rises from the foaming fathoms below. Spray will soak your clothes, the sound will deafen your ears and the sight will stay with you forever. Iguazu Falls holidays are more than just the falls, make sure you see the wonderful wildlife in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Toucans, coati and giant blue morpho butterflies are delightfully ubiquitous and among the more than 400 species of bird, and 100 butterflies that call this area home. While Iguazu can be visited all year round, it rains more from October to March, so while it might be hot and humid, the falls swell with extra water and are even more spectacular to behold. Come home with stories to tell and moments to cherish, after the trip of a lifetime.

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