Sri Lanka Holidays: 2,300 years ago, Sangamitta brought back her faith and a banyan tree cutting from India: this was the same tree beneath which Buddha attained awakening, and which Sangamitta subsequently planted in Anuradhapura. The tree continues to thrive, attended to night and day by a team of seven monks who care for it, and a crack team of 1,000 soldiers and policemen who protect it. Votive
lamps illuminate the sacred tree to a soundtrack of mantras chanted by devotees who believe that one day the venerable and venerated tree will return to the void where everything springs from.

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Miranda has been really wonderful throughout and was always ready to address any point of detail no matter how small. You’ve provided exceptional customer service which has been really appreciated by all of the family. So on behalf of each one of us thank you so very, very much.

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