We'll let you in on a secret. Not one but two of our directors go on Greece holidays every single year, such is their love for this magical country. So what is it that appeals so much about Greece as a destination? Well, there's the fresh, fresh food. There's the colour palette of bright white and azure blue that adorns everything from the national flag to the island idylls surrounding the mainland.
Add into the mix a cultural legacy that every person in the west owes a debt to Greece for, a gently lulling pace of life (except in Athens and Mykonos, maybe) and many, many memorable activities, and it begs the question: why doesn't everyone go on holiday to Greece at least once a year?

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We had a great time. We loved both hotels you suggested in Greece. Your team were fantastic and I would definitely use your services again – it was really well organised and made it much easier and less stressful.

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