Travellers at heart

All of our experts have either travelled extensively in, lived and worked in, or grown up in the destinations they sell. Our team of 34 speak 24 languages collectively, have lived or worked in 57 countries and have helped our clients discover 112 countries... so far.

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Travellers at heart

We know the destinations we sell incredibly well; our team of 34 consultants have helped our clients travel to 112 countries... so far. Some of our experts have grown up in these destinations, or lived and worked there, but all have travelled extensively within their specialist regions and are perfectly placed to help you plan a holiday full of authentic experiences, from cultural explorations to wildlife wonders and adrenaline-filled adventures.

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Will Boocock

How has Cuba changed?
I first visited in 1994 and most recently last year, and it’s remarkable how much is different. What hasn’t changed, though, is that this is country where it’s still all about the inside track.

What should people consider when going to Cuba?
Know the right people – which we do - and you can unlock doors and enjoy experiences that give a true insight into an extraordinary and truly original country.

Francesca Cheneviere

What is the perfect souvenir from Italy?
A good luck ceramic acorn from Puglia, called a pumo de fiore, or some fantastic super Tuscan wine, such as Tignanello.

For a first trip to Italy, what would you recommend doing?
The holy trinity of three main cities - Rome, Florence and Venice - travelling by train between each. Explore their Roman, Renaissance, Baroque past and eat wonderful food. Italian trains are comfortable, good value, super-fast and direct and it is only an hour or two between each – it’s the perfect way to travel in a perfect country.

Katie Dalrymple-Hamilton

What made you fall in love with Kenya?
The diversity of the country’s wildlife, people, activities and landscapes.

Where have you not been in Kenya that you are desperate to go to?
I would love to visit the lakes of the Great Rift Valley and the deserts in the north. Best accessed by helicopter the north is a wild, untouched area with many archaeological secrets and spectacular views – especially when the flamingos are at Lake Turkana.

Amelia Stewart

What is the perfect souvenir from Uzbekistan?
It’s tricky to choose as the country is a shopping treasure trove for arts and crafts. But I have to say you can't go wrong with a pair of hand-knitted woollen slippers from Khiva. I live in mine around the house.

For a first trip to Uzbekistan, what would you recommend doing?
The main draws are the fabled, evocative Silk Road cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, which you can't miss. All have fabulous sights and monumental architecture.