The Athenian philisopher Plato was the first to posit the existence of Atlantis, a city that mysteriously disappeared beneath the waves, and ever since people have speculated that the island of Santorini (or what remains of it) might just be that mystical spot. There's certainly complelling evidence because the island is all that's left of the crater rim of a massive volcano, and the sea-drowned caldera may well have contained a city.
Latterday visitors on a Santorini holiday can appreciate the sheer scale and beauty of what remains, as almost sheer cliffs rise out of the sea and are topped with a dusting of sugar-cube white houses against an invariably blue sky; making this one of the most picturesque of all Greek islands. Spend your Santorini holiday exploring the dizzyingly tall cliffs, messing around in boats or reaching back in time on a vist to the Minoan-era city of Akrotiri. Then enjoy balmy summer evenings wandering through the cobbled streets of Fira or Oia towns, stopping for divine food and breath-stealing views as the sun’s rays light up the caldera’s cliffs before one of the world's great sunsets. Hidden beaches, long walks, tiny tavernas and chic boutique hotel hideaways await on any trip to this, the supermodel of the Greek islands. Unlock the treasures of this island with the help of one of our Greek island experts.

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