For a newly married couple who want to celebrate their post-nuptial bliss with an exotic escape not too far from home, Morocco is a great pick. Whether you opt for city or sea, mountains or deserts (or a combination of it all), your Morocco honeymoons are sure to be filled with oodles of fun and reams of romance. Begin your adventure in the country’s capital, Marrakesh, where you can enjoy a guided
tour of all the top off-the-beaten-track spots - from locally loved restaurants to sensational souqs. Escape to the windswept coast of Essaouira for - you guessed it - wind-surfing, or to simply slow down, to the sensationally slow seaside lifestyle as you watch the day’s catch being brought into the harbour and traditional blue boats being constructed. Head north to the Imperial cities of Fez, Rabat and Meknes to enjoy more of this country’s captivating culture and fill your suitcases with treasures from their many souks.

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Overall, I’d give the trip a 5+ out of 5. Very well planned and executed, even with last minute changes to my husband’s travel. Thanks so much for one of our favorite trips thus far! We look forward to working with you again.

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